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About Our Work

Tavoli Designs is a heritage brand family business with extensive experience, focusing on high-end residential and heritage residential projects.

The Tavoli team are blacksmiths that specialise in wrought iron balustrades, gates and fencing, features, doors, and furniture. It's our exceptional team's creative minds combined with their extraordinary talents that sets Tavoli Designs apart. Creating some stunning, beautiful and functional creations which adorn many of Perth’s prominent homes.


Our process ensures each design is 100% unique and commissioned by discerning clients and involves major client consultation and collaboration. With our hand-forged craftsmanship that doesn’t use machines or pre-bought designs, we offer only the best finishes to the iron that can be complemented with glass, timber, and stone finishes and details.

Passionate Roots

Tavoli Designs was established in 1998 by Allen Buchardt, who has been creating beautiful, functional pieces throughout his career. Here on the Tavoli team, we have maintained these passionate roots as we pride ourselves on original designs, quality finishes, and traditional workmanship. Each piece is hand-crafted with care and finished to the finest standard.

Tavoli Family Heritage


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